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Why would we want more.......
As breeders, we strive to produce hatchlings which best represent each of the many colour morphs available in corns.  To ensure the infusion of new bloodlines into our present stock and to diversify in our 'planned' corn projects, we are always hunting for 'little ones' to add to the household.
Here are our latest 2006 acquisitions who have found a permanent home at HanneysCorns:



At the February/06 Reptile Expo, I was approached by a young breeder who was interested in a few of my corns.  After some discussion he returned to my table with a container and several corns.  When I spied 'Nina' and 'Nacho' my eyes lit up.  They both are very striking amels in colouration.  Nina has a unique 'skull' pattern to her head markings and Nacho exhibits a slight aztecing.

Meet Saber and Bliss, the newest additions to our Hypomelanistic collection.  Saber is an Anery male who is het lava; Bliss is an Amel Lava who is very peachy in colour.  We have high hopes for these two in producing not only Lavas in the years to come, but also some Ice and perhaps an Lava Lavender or two. 





Thanks to Robert Ward, of Near North Rodents, "Samson" has found a home at HanneysCorns.  An absolutely stunning adult male corn, he comes to us with limited genetic information.  Another project is always a challenge, so over the next few breeding seasons, he will be very busy.  My guess....he's a hypomelanistic (unsure as to which hypo gene is at work here) who is either a full blood, or het bloodred. Working with Samson should prove very interesting.

The summer of 2006 saw the acquisition of several new corns into our collection.  A corn enthusiast in Eastern Ontario approached us about purchasing her entire collection.  The adults from that collection are featured on our Breeders Page, but there were also 2 very nice yearlings we decided to keep.  Elki and Britt are progeny from a breeding of LeStat (Bloodred, het amel) x Chili (Amel, unk hets).  Both display the typical het diffused markers, so we are quite confident that Amel Bloods or Fires will be a part of our future here.  These girls have so much potential and with unrelated blood lines to our current Amel, het blood stock, we should see some amazing colouration with the offspring in the projects we have planned.