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What a year!  We finally put the incubators away the first week in November.  In total, we hatched 19 clutches from May to November.  Of course we couldn't let all of the babies leave home, so I would like to introduce our holdbacks for the 2006 season.
From Molson and Fleur we held back the following hatchlings.  These hatchlings are very special to us and probably the reason we held so many back.  Rest in Peace, Molson, these babies are your legacy.

Amber Male

Amber Female

Amber Female

Caramel Male

Hypo, het caramel Female

Normal, het amber Female

We were only expecting Ambers and Hypos from this breeding.  What a pleasant surprise to find Caramels and a Normal hatchling in the clutch.  Further test breeding will confirm whether our suspicions are correct...we think there are 2 hypomelanistic genes involved with the genetic makeup of these hatchlings.

Sinbad, our Sunglow, het bloodred was the sire of 3 of our holdbacks.  Calypso is the dam of the amel, ph blood pair and Willow takes that honour with the first diffused hatchlings produced here.

Amel, ph diffused Female

Bloodred, het blizzard Female

Maiden and Cherry, females and Saylor, our little male will fit nicely into our many Bloodred and Diffused projects.  We will be eagerly awaiting the visual changes we know will take place with these hatchlings.  Sinbad seems to have loaned his rich red colouration to all 3.  Cherry's burgandy colouration is exceptional to say the least.

Amel, het diffused male

Ramses and Venus were matched this year to produce the F1's for our Butter Stripe project.  A plus to this matchup was proving Venus was also het hypo.  The hatchlings chosen were both Hypos, het for butter stripe.

Hypo, het butter stripe Male

Hypo, het butter stripe Female

As each shedding occurs, more and more of the caramel influence can be seen in this pair.  Our foundation stock for our Butter Stripe project is now a reality.  In 3 years time we are hoping Berlin and Paris will produce some outstanding hatchlings.  The potential is there, the odds are favorable, and patience is not our strong point!

Ramses was also paired with Athena this season thus creating our F1's for our Butter Motleys.  In addition we discovered Athena is also het hypo.  Although Athena has found a new home, we have these great hatchlings to remember her by.

Normal, het caramel, motley female

Normal, het caramel, motley female

Hypo, het caramel, motley male

The potential with this grouping is for Caramel Motleys, Amber Motleys and of course Hypo Motleys in the future.  With Ramses also being highly suspected of carrying the Ultra gene recessively, we could be surprised with some Ultra Motleys from this grouping. 

We played with some 'patterning' genes in our match up of Apollo, our Amel Striped, het anery male x Raven, Anery Motley (unk. hets) female. 

Normal Motley, het snow female

Normal Motley, het snow male

With the motley gene dominate over the stripe gene and more apt to produce a ribbon style of motley patterning, we were very pleased when the hatchlings emerged.  We were not disappointed in the least when all the hatchlings appeared with cube patterning.  Although both Anerys and Normals were in the clutch, we decided that Gideon and Heaven had the most potential with planned projects.  I also just loved the squared cubes these 2 exhibit.

Gryphon, our Opal male x Maple, Normal, het hypo, lavender, anery female produced our 'first ever' lavenders here at HanneysCorns.

Lavender, het amel male

Lavender, het amel female

Haze and Heather, two very welcomed home grown additions here.  Both exhibit slight aztecing in their pattern which can be quite common in lavenders.  We are simply thrilled...need I say more!
Maple, found a new home in Alberta this summer, but she left behind some absolutely gorgeous babies for us to mature and will always be remembered as the dam of the foundling stock of lavenders here at HanneysCorns.

Gryphon was also bred to Candy, our Amel female this year.  Although the first clutch was lost in incubation, Candy came thru and laid a second clutch. 

Amel Aztec, het lavender

Amel, het lavender

Although our last clutch of the season, it was certainly worth the wait.  D'Arcy shows all the classic signs of his lavender heritage with his aztecing pattern.  Vienna has a few saddles which are abherrant but not enough to be classified Aztec.  The most obvious visual distinction is their colouration.  The lavender genes recessively almost appear to give a peachy cast to an otherwise orangey appearance of the Amel.

Another matchup this season which resulted in some hatchlings worth further investigation, was our Phantom, het amel male, Spirit x Rocky, Normal, het hypo, amel female.

Normal, het blizzard, hypo

Normal, het blizzard, hypo

Amel, het phantom

When this clutch emerged from the egg, some of the hatchlings appeared to show distinct het diffused patterning...grayish heads and clear belly strips.  The diffused gene was not present in either parent to my knowledge.  Upon sexing this clutch it became apparent that the only oddballs were all males.  No females visually displayed these types of markings.  After speaking with Chuck Pritzel, an American who specializes in corn genetics I was happy to discover that both Pirate and Scout carry a patterning gene which has now been proven to be sexually linked, but only in males.  Now some further research and test breeding is required to see if this gene or combination of genes is linked into the diffused patterning.  Pirate, Scout, and Sienna, our little female will be a small part of that project.

In trying to solve the genetic mystery to Samson, we bred him this year to Rocky, our Normal, het hypo, amel female. 

Amel, ph hypo male

Again with this clutch, the mysterious head and belly patterns appeared.  It was this second clutch appearing with similar traits to the Spirit x Rocky clutch mentioned above that prompted me to seek further input from American breeders. 
Hogan most displayed the gray head pattern and clear belly strip characteristic of this sexually linked gene and thus is staying behind for further breeding trials when mature.
Solving one mystery, has presented us with another.  Since the gene is sexually linked, recessive and can only be inherited from the female, Rocky appears to warrant further breeding trials.

Our final holdback/keeper for the '06 season is from Taz, Snow male x Jasmine, Snow Motley female.

Snow, het motley male

There is always a need for a Snow, het motley in any collection.  Zero's colouration of a 'pink' snow quite resembles his sire.  With the addition of the recessive motley gene, we plan on using him in a few of our projects when he matures.

With our travels across several provinces this summer to attend reptile shows we had the pleasure of meeting other respected breeders here in Canada.  Always looking to improve and add new blood lines here, we feel privileged and proud to add the following hatchlings to our collection from these outstanding Canadian breeders. 
Annette Thompson, Wrapped Up in Reptiles, Alberta

Ghost Motley male

Ghost Motley female

Anery Striped female

Anery Striped male

Amel, het caramel male

Sunglow female

Amel, het caramel female

Boston and Salem are a pair of Ghost Motleys.  When I decided to add this morph to my collection, I did some research.  There were 2 breeders in Canada whose stock caught my eye, and of course, Annette was one of them.
Patterning genes are of interest to many of my projects.  Thunder and Hannah are two beautiful Anery Stripes that will work in well with future hopes at HanneysCorns.
My love for 'yellow' genes is well known.  Although I have caramels, ambers and butters already in collection, new gene pool blood is a must.  In 3 years time, both Zephyr and Zenith will be utilized in some of these varied projects.
The hope of Sunglow Bloods being produced at HanneysCorns grew into a realized dream with the acquisition of Glory, a beautiful Sunglow female.  Although the motley gene wasn't in the mix with this particular pairing to produce Glory, she shows patterning very similar to what would be expected with a genetic Sunglow Motley.  Sinbad and I both have to wait for her to mature.

Mark IsBell, Gonesnakee, Alberta

Ghost Motley female

Snow Stripe

The other breeder most widely known in Canada for producing some excellent Ghost Motleys is Mark IsBell, of Calgary.  Whisper is a stunning example of the quality he produces.  Her pinky tones are so evident and I'm sure that's why Mark's ghost morphs are always referred to as pastels.  When I needed a snow stripe for the eventual matchup with Cooper, our male, Mark had the ideal hatchling.  I am so happy with Satin, our Snow Stripe female; her pinky tones also make me speculate there could be some hypo genes hidden there recessively as well.

Troy Mouck, Darwin's Oasis, Alberta

Snow female

What a beauty our little Ivory is!  At the Red Deer show in August I took the opportunity to take a closer browse at Troy's table.  What did I discover but this beautiful snow with a distinctly different colour.  Troy further informed me there is some 'ruby speckling' in the heritage so needless to say, Ivory accompanied us back home.

Chris Dempster, Calgary AB

Abbott's Okeetee female

Abbott's Okeetee male

A pair of Abbott's Okeetees has long been on my list of wants.  I especially appreciated the work of Don Soderberg to develop the Abbott's line.  When I saw these little beauties on Chris' table in Red Deer, I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass by.  These Abbott's are originally from Don's line so I am very proud to have both Dempsey and Sadie a part of the HanneysCorns collection

Caroline Piquette, Breeding Colors, Quebec

Okeetee male

Caroline is one of the Canadian breeders, like myself, who a few years ago purchased foundation stock from the U.S. to further our project work.  Caroline has specialized among other projects, in continuing the Love line of Okeetees here in Canada.  As I was gifted with 2 beautiful females from Simon Fung before he left for Hong Kong, I was in search of a suitable male candidate for future breeding projects.
I was not disappointed at all.  Dade was delivered to the Kemptville show in October.  I'm sure in a few years time, our Melon and Georgia will have the same feelings in regards to least I hope they will!

Christina Marvin, Strathroy, ON

Anery, het charcoal female

Christina had a clutch hatch which should have been all normals, het for charcoal.  Then Oreo she Charcoal or Anery?  As the dam was supposedly a Normal het charcoal and the sire had no charcoal gene that she knew of, she gifted me little Oreo to unsolve the mystery....Charcoal or Anery?  Well we'll both have to be patient...little Oreo has some maturing to do.

Hope you enjoyed our newest additions for 2006!

 We are introducing a 'first' here at HanneysCorns...our Hybrid collection...creamsicles, jungle corns, super corns, and something we are very proud of, our go-corn (gopher x corn).


This new section is titled...CornBreds on your navigation bar .


We've also added some new adult breeders to our collection.  They can be seen on the Breeders/Adults page.

Watch for the "Milky Way" coming soon...Jeff's new passion...milksnakes