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For over a decade new colour morphs and patterns have been the focus of cornsnake enthusiasts as breeding methods and genetic discoveries become more advanced.  We have been fortunate enough to acquire many of these beautiful morphs for our collection over the past 3 years.  We are proud to introduce our breeding stock for your perusal.


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The Breeders (Adults)

HC'SRamses ACR#2681

Ramses, our Caramel, het hypo male was proven in 2004.  Even in his normal and hypo offspring, his 'het caramel' gene significantly stands out.  Our Fleur is one of his finest examples.  2006 saw his caramel genes combined not only with amel, but also pattern variations of stripes and motley.  He is our male 'foundation' for all our caramel projects.

HC'SRocky ACR# 2677

Rocky holds the 'honour' of being #1 at HanneysCorns.  She proved herself out in 2005 to be het hypo, and in 2006 we also proved she was het amel when amel hatchlings emerged from a clutch sired by Spirit our Phantom.  What other hidden hets does she hold?  Perhaps future breeding will give us some answers.

HC'SCasper ACR# 2680

Casper, is our Ghost female.  Her beautiful 'yellows' and gentle temperment has made her a favorite here.  We have lots of plans for Casper in the coming years; ghost bloods, stripes and motleys are just a few of the projects we would like to involve ourselves in.

HC'SCandy ACR# 2679

Candy is one of our Amelanistic females.  Having been bred to a Snow male in 2005, we know she is not 'het anery'.  For this very reason, we are hoping in 2006 to breed her to Gryphon, our Opal male.  Her rich colouration should add some nice 'pinks' into our Opal lines in future.

HC'SVenus ACR# 2683

A "picture perfect" stripe is the highlight of Venus, our amelanistic striped female.  Proven 'het anery', 2006 found her mated with Ramses, our Caramel male and together they produced both hypos and normals, het for butter stripe.  The holdbacks from this clutch are the F1's for both our Butter and Caramel Stripe projects.

HC'STopaz ACR# 2706

Topaz is a Butter female aquired from Simon Fung.  Her saddles are deep gold and she has a yellowish ground colour.  In 2006 we bred her to Oden, our Butter male but an unfortunate incubator malfunction resulted in us losing all her eggs.  We are hoping she will be bred to LeStat our Bloodred Male next season, and thus F1's will be available for our Sulphur project.

HC'SPandora ACR# 2707

Pandora is a Lavender, het amel female from Simon Fung stock.  2006 was her proving year; she was bred to Gryphon, our Opal male.  These eggs were also lost during incubation.  She is one of 3 lavender females in our collection.  Lavender and Opal striped hatchlings are two projects Pandora will be heavily involved in.

HC'SMayauela ACR# 2712

Mayauela or 'Maya", named for the Mexican goddess who introduced the gods to "pulque/booze" is a beautiful Normal Aztec female.  She exhibits more of an 'Okeetee' look with her black borders highlighting her zig-zag pattern.  2005 was her proving year, and this season we hope her match-up with Pulque, our Aztec male will be just as successful.

HC'SWillow ACR# 2708

Her dark charcoal metallic shine and her blood red patterning, make Willow, our Pewter, one of the gems in our collection.  She is from Simon Fung stock and her proving year was 2005.  The 2006 breeding season was 'highlighted'  by the production of Bloodreds with our matchup between Willow and Sinbad.

HC'SFleur ACR# 2695

Fleur, Hypo, het caramel and anery female.  She was produced here at HanneysCorns from Casper x Ramses.  Butterscotch would be a more fitting description of her colour.  2006 was her proving year and she produced Hypos, Caramels, and Ambers when she was bred to Molson, our Amber male.

HC'SMaggie ACR# 2687

Maggie is a Normal, het hypo, charcoal female.  Again from Simon Fung stock, her proving year will find her potential mate with Spirit, our Phantom male.  A clutch of Charcoal and Phantom hatchlings would be a welcome addition in 2007.

HC'SRaven ACR# 2716

When Raven caught our eye at an Expo, she became a 'must have'.  Her motley pattern is so precise and the contrast between her blacks and grays is eye catching.  She is an Anery Hurricane Motley we are proud to own.  2007 saw her matched with Apollo and together they produced Cubed Motleys in both Normal and Anery.

HC'SCalypso ACR# 3132

Calypso is a beautiful corn who came to us via a rescue.  She has matured into a brightly colored Amel with almost fluorescent orange saddles with very little white outline.  She was proven this year with Sinbad, our Sunglow, het blood this year and the colour of those hatchlings couldn't have been brighter.

HC'SEbony ACR# 2711

Ebony is an Anery, het amel.  She has exceptional contrast between her blacks and grays.  She was proven to carry the amel gene recessively when she was bred to Aries, our Anery, het hypo,amel male and little snow heads emerged from the egg.  Our only Anery female, she will be used in many projects we have planned for the future.

HC'SCinnamon ACR# 2705

Put on your sunglasses and take a look at Cinnamon, our Hypo Motley.  Her proving year was 2006 and she was bred to Penn, a Hypo, het opal, anery male.  Although she laid 16 beautiful eggs, an incubator malfunction resulted in none of these hatchlings surviving.  We look forward to 2007 and seeing some of her babies finally hatch.

HC'SSilver ACR#

Silver is another U.S. import and is a Charcoal female who will be incorporated into our Charcoal Stripe project.  Her shimmering grays and black saddle outlines caught our attention.  She came to live with us in early March of '06 and although an adult we decided to give her the year off.  2007 will hopefully see her first matchup with Spirit, our Phantom male.

HC'S Contessa ACR# 2700

If 'true white' is your preference than Blizzard, amelanistic charcoal is the morph most likely to capture your attention.  Meet Contessa, 'Tessa' for short.  She is from Simon Fung stock and we can really make use of her genetic combination in our charcoal projects.  Our hope is to breed her with Spirit in 2007 and produce both blizzards and charcoals from this matchup.

HC'SScarlett ACR# 2702

Scarlett is a stunning Crimson female.  Our hopes for establishing a Crimson Stripe line rests heavily on her shoulders.  Her first match up will be with Simon, our male but that will not be until 2007 season.  Patience is definitely a virtue in corn breeding projects.


Misty is another '06 adult addition to our collection.  Lavender Stripes and Lavender Diffused are the two projects Misty will find herself involved with.  Our plans for '07 include introducing her to LeStat, our male Bloodred,  The F1's from this pairing will be the foundation stock for the Lav Blood line we hope to establish.


Shades of yellow on yellow, Maize, the other adult female butter we acquired this summer, will work nicely into our Butter Blood or Sulpur project.  Her potential partner for the '07 breeding season is LeStat, our Bloodred male.  The offspring of this matchup also has the potential to produce the Caramel and Amber Bloods we see in our future.


Meet Pepper.  Her deep orangey reds should enhance our Opal projects.  This will be Pepper's proving year and we hope a successful pairing of Gabriel, our lavender male, and Pepper will produce some very nice offspring with het opal genes.  In a few years time, those F1's will hopefully enhance our opal line to the pink tones we are desiring.


HC'SAries ACR# 2692

Aries was purchased as an adult male and we knew little about his genetics other than he was obviously an Anery.  In 2005 he was proved to also carry a 'het hypo' gene.  In 2006 he was bred to Ebony and snows were produced in the clutch, thus proving him het amel as well.

HC'STaz ACR# 2678

A Snow male is a 'breeders' tool in proving out any females for being het for either the amel or anery gene.  His yellow and pinkish tones give him the colouring most commonly known as a 'bubblegum' snow.  His pairing this year with Jasmine, our Snow Motley produced some wonderful Snow babies, het for motley.

HC'SApollo ACR# 2684

Apollo, our Amel Striped, het anery male is a truly stunning contrast of light and dark orange against a white underbelly.  In 2006 he was bred to Athena, a Normal Motley and the hatchlings exhibited a cube motley design in both Anery and Normals.

HC'SSinbad ACR# 2701

Sunglow, het bloodred, Sinbad was proven this year with not one but two females.  He was produced by Simon Fung of London.  His het for bloodred was proven when his matchup with Willow, our Pewter produced the first bloodreds at HanneysCorns.  This matchup was one of the highlights of the 2006 breeding season for us.

HC'SSimon ACR# 2686

Crimson is one of Jeff's favorite morphs.  Simon was bred twice in 2005 siring a clutch of both Normal, het hypo, aztec pattern and Hypo, het anery who show vividly his 'crimson' effect.  Simon will be 'off' this breeding season in readyness for 2007 when Scarlett, our female crimson should be mature.  Crimson stripes are another project of interest.

HC'SPulque ACR# 2689

Pulque (Mexican for 'evil booze') is our Normal Aztec male.  He is a 'shy' guy and has not been proven in 2005.  We hope 2006 will be a better year when he is matched with our Aztec female, Maya.  Aztec patterning has not been proven genetically reproduceable, but with these two, we are hopeful some hatchlings will have unique aztec/zigzag designs.

HC'SGryphon ACR# 2710

Amelanistic Lavenders or Opals have a sheen of pinks along their dorsal area.  Gryhon is our Opal male.  He proved himself in 2005, and now we shall put him to work on our planned lavender projects.  He was bred with Candy our Amel female and we are still awaiting this clutch of eggs to hatch.  They are due anyday now.

HC'S Oden ACR#2682

Oden, our Butter male is from Fung Stock.  We are hoping Oden will not only sire our own Butter line, but also be an integral part in the Sulphur and Butter Stripe projects we have planned for the future.

HC'SSpirit ACR# 2688

Phantoms are hypo and charcoal (Anery B).  The pure charcoal gene is often hard to find here in Canada.  Spirit, our Phantom is from Simon Fung stock and 2007 will be his year to prove out Maggie.  Future plans include UltraCharcoals and maybe even UltraPhantoms with the genes he carries.

HC'SShadow ACR# 2714

Jeff has a 'known' weakness for Anerys in all patterns.  Shadow is a beautiful example of an Anery Striped Motley male.  Produced by Simon Fung we were fortunate to acquire this holdback from his own collection.  Hopefully Shadow will have a little more interest in his chosen females in 2007.

HC'SSamson ACR#

Samson was a late addition to our breeders in the summer of '06.  We acquired him thru Robert Ward of Orillia.  When we first saw Samson in December of 2005 we just knew he was different and a must have in our collection.  We were able to manage a breeding with Rocky in late summer.  Both were proven het amel with that matchup and several of those hatchlings have been held back for future project work.

HC'SJasmine ACR# 2699

Meet Jasmine, our Snow Motley female.  Her motley markings are highlighted by a golden tinge as to accentuate their presence.  Her proving year was 2006 and she was matched with Taz, our Snow male.  Many of the resultant Snow hatchlings had an almost Motley look to them.

HC'SAmy ACR# 1170

Amy (Amethyst) a lavender, comes to us from Brent Newman of Dakota Corns.  Although she was bred this year to Gryphon, due to our move just days prior to her expected date of egg-laying, none of the eggs went on to hatch.  2007 will see her involved in our Lavender Stripe and Blood projects.  We have great hopes for the contribution Amy can make to our gene pool here.

HC'S Zoe ACR# 1654

Zoe, our Amel, het lavender female came to us from Chris Moeller in PA.  Her name in Greek means "new life" and that is what we are hoping she will add to our planned Lavender projects.  We have been patiently waiting for 2007 when she will be introduced to Gabriel, a Lavender male, who is also a new addition to the fold.

HC'SPortia ACR# 2703

A collection isn't complete without at least one Miami Phase and Portia is a lovely female.  As the crimson morphs are a favorite of Jeff's, we thought we would introduce Portia to our Crimson male Simon.  Hopefully Crimson Stripes will eventually come from these projects.


Summer of '06 saw us introduce new blood into our Butter lines.  Daisy is a gorgeous butter female who will work nicely into our Butter Stripe Project.  Her contrast of white with yellow is intense and imagining future offspring in a striped pattern is a project we are eagerly awaiting.  She will be bred in '07 with Apollo, our Amel Striped male.


Cedar, a Normal female came to us via a pet store as a young hatchling.  After seeing her there on repeated visits, my heartstrings were pulled and home she came.  Now mature, we hope to discover if there are any hidden genes underlying her sweet temperment and good looks.  '07 will be her proving year.


Having an extra Amel or two is never a problem.  Chili, a proven female has captured our hearts this summer.  She is a corn who enjoys human contact and as well as breeding potential, she will also be incorporated into our educational program which Jeff has started with the school systems in the area.  She may be introduced into our Creamsicle line in future.


We welcomed Gabriel, our male Lavender into our collection this summer.  His ability to provide new blood into our lavender line will begin in '07.  Gabriel has a list of available females among our lavenders and opal females, but we are also hoping to introduce him into our Creamsicle lines as well.  Lots of plans for this guy!

What a find!  LeStat came to us in the summer of '06 as a proven male.  He is a most welcomed addition to our collection.  To say he is a stunning blood red does not do him justice.  His deep rich colouration, his docile temperment, and his value to our many breeding projects are just a few reasons LeStat has quickly become a favorite around here.  We just hope our ladies can appreciate him as much as we do.

We are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the 2007 season.  All our breeders came out of brumation on December 1st this year.  We hope to begin our pairings as early as the first week in January.
Our hopes this breeding season are to advance our many projects in producing not only the F1's for future use but also some exceptional designer morphs for other Canadians to add to their collections.
We will again be featuring our 'What's Happening' page and will keep you updated on our progress with this year's pairings.
We hope to again have our 'Baby Gallery' available as well.

Our newest feature is our Cornbreds page...check out some interesting corn hybrids...