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Welcome to HanneysCorns.  We are Jeff and Ruth Hanney and our love of cornsnakes began in the fall of 2002.  Jeff had always been a reptile enthusiast and over the next year 'we' had as our 'houseguests' Sonny, the bearded dragon; Zeus, a frilled dragon; and Scooter, the panther chameleon.  But alas, there was something missing...or so Jeff felt.  In February of 2003 we became owners of Rocky, a hatchling normal corn, purchased from a vendor at the PCPC reptile expo in Mississauga, Ontario.  As one who had never 'appreciated' any beauty in a 'snake', I became fascinated and enthralled with the beautiful morphs that were available in corns. 

Just three years later, and we now have a collection of over 80 corns in all morphs and patterns and consider ourselves 'hopelessly addicted'.  2004 saw us venture into the hobby as amateur breeders.  Seeing our first clutch hatch from Ramses and Casper was truly amazing.  It gave us the chance to test our skills at newborn care, and struggle with worrisome days of having hatchlings in the house.  When I see Fleur, our holdback from the original clutch, I am still in awe that she actually was conceived, and hatched right before our eyes.

We have been fortunate to obtain some excellent hatchling, yearling and sub-adult corns from Simon Fung, a well respected breeder from London ON.  We also have tried to vary the genetic bloodlines throughout our collection and have purchased corns from such well known American breeders as Joe Pierce, Charles Pritzel, Connie Hurley and Rich Hume.

In the last two years we have expanded our collection to include many of the designer morphs in corns that are not readily available in Canada. The year 2005 saw our largest expansion to date.  We look forward to what is on the horizon in corn genetics; new questions and discoveries are yearly unfolding within the cornsnake community of hobbyist/breeders...the passion grows.

So....please feel free to browse the site.  Our photo gallery hopefully will include all our 'family' of corns.  You can keep informed of future and present breeding plans and what's presently available as well.

Please feel free to 'inquire' at anytime.  Details on contacting us are available.



Rocky...where it all began


Fleur....our holdback from the 2004 season,


Our Snake Room in Manitouwadge, ON

Welcome...take your time...browse...enter our world of Cornsnakes.
We do appreciate your comments.